Zennie62Media, Inc. is a news organization and content creation / marketing firm. 

Zennie62Media Clients

Zennie62Media Clients

Edward Lozzi & Associates: Publicity & Promotions

Californians for Safe Streets / Ignacio De La Fuente For Mayor Of Oakland

Ben Bartlett for Alameda County Supervisor

California Movers USA

Insight Terminal Solutions


Tacklett Barlett LLP

Maria Ayerdi Kaplan

Bauer's Transportation

Spritz Marketing

Tap Influence

Lyme Institute / Polo For Lyme

All of these clients came to us because the mainstream media failed them.  Either the mainstream media refused to tell their story, as was the case with Ms. Kaplan, or they told a fake news version of it, as in the case with all of our clients.  Zennie62Media was hired to change the media playing field, and did.   We can do it for you, too.