Zennie62Media, Inc. is a news organization and content creation / marketing firm. 

Our Blog and Vlog Network

Our Blog and Vlog Network

The Zennie62Media,Inc. Network consists of 100 blogs and many special purpose platforms and social media sites.

It includes our newest news website ZennieReport.com, Zennie62Blog.com AKA Zennie62.com, Oakland's first blog Oakland Focus, Oakland's first YouTube Partner Channel Zennie62, Oakland's newest blog Oakland News Now Blog, and Oakland's only news blog aggregator Oakland News Online.   

Zennie62.com was "Zennie's Zeitgeist", one of the first blogs, ever, to cover the Democratic National Convention (2008) which is now https://zennie2005.blogspot.com/.

​ The Zennie62Media News Network

The Zennie62Media Network also includes blogs representing San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, New York, Orlando, Miami, Seattle, and London.

Here are the main online platforms of the The Zennie62Media Network: Zennie62Blog.com , ZennieReport.com